Sunday, August 4, 2013

We Moved the Cottage

When they first brought the cottage over I was totally bummed since I was in Gilbert and I wasn't able to witness the monumental occasion!  This time, when we have it scheduled to move from our old house to the new, I am happy to say I was happily cruising down the I-40 away from all the activity!

Seeing the courtyard all torn up was devastating enough, but watching my cute little cottage being moved, oh that would have pushed me over the edge for sure!

I AM happy to announce that Gooseberry Cottage made it safely to its new resting place with every window in tact and not a single crack in the dry wall!  Oh ya, baby!

PLUS, my wonderful hubby took a ton of pictures to document the wild and crazy ride!

Getting ready to life her up 

Apparently, Stephan said it was even HIGHER in the air than what you see here!  Stephan even found where Barry was living!  He was happy to report that Barry had a nice little home underneath the cottage and was beyond content surrounded by all his mud.  (Barry would be the big ol bull frog we found last summer living in my courtyard!)

Ready to Roll

There she goes!

Coming down the back drive

Almost settled

There she is!
It had been threatening to rain all day long since before I left to go to AZ and it finally decided to open up on all of the guys as soon as they got it settled at the new place!

Gooseberry Cottage's new home!  Obviously the back is still a work in progress.  We weren't able to do a lot in the back this summer until we got the cottage over.  Now that she is, Stephan will be able to work his magic and get my NEW courtyard up and running!

We are planning a big Girls on the Go card retreat here next here and I am sure the courtyard will be a wonderful place to chill after a hard day of carding and playing!

The MASSIVE storm!