Friday, October 11, 2013

Putting in the Sidewalks

To say we have been busy would be a MAJOR understatement and my honey bunny has been working his butt off!  Between school, DJ'ing and working on the house I don't even know if he can remember his name anymore!

We are trying to do the mad dash to get the courtyard finished before the looming of winter finally happens upon us and the biggest of those jobs was getting the concrete in for all of the sidewalks and patio!

Steps to the cottage

Making the new patio!

Making sure it is level

He works...I take pictures!

He is getting there

So  much framing, it isn't even funny!  But this is the part that Stephan LOVES to do!  What makes my man happiest?  Working his butt off outside, getting dirty, having to change his clothes 3 and 4 times a day because he destroys them and making life better.

What he hates?  Mosquitoes, cold weather moving in, being under a deadline, the time flying by and not having Garrett around to help.  =)

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